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Donostia - San sebastián
A historical, cultural and gastronomic jewel
Donostia - San Sebastian is a city straight out of a movie scene. Stroll through its streets, enjoy its rich culinary offer and soak up its culture. We'd like to recommend some of the most iconic places of the city that you absolutely cannot miss. Remember that you can always ask the reception staff for information.

La Concha Beach

The pretty girl of San Sebastian and one of the most famous beaches in the world. The center of the famous Concha Bay offers 1370 meters of fine, golden sand, a relaxed swimming area and picturesque views.

The queen of beaches and one of the must-sees in the city is within walking distance from the hotel.

10 minutes on foot.


Constitution Square and the Old Town

Constitution Square is located in the heart of the Old Part of San Sebastian. It was an icon of the post-war reconstruction since the city was sieged and razed to the ground in 1813. Today it has become the main stage for the most important events of the city, such as the day of St. Tomás or the Tamborrada of San Sebastián. Pay attention to the numbers that are kept in each of the windows. They corresponded to the boxes that overlooked the bullring that used to be there. It is the ideal place to start getting lost in the beautiful streets of the Parte Vieja and enjoy the famous pintxos from San Sebastian.

30 minutes on foot.


Mount Urgull

Guarding the Old Town, you will find Mount Urgull, one of the three green lungs of the city. Walking around Urgull will not only allow you to enjoy a beautiful natural setting, but will also transport you to a bygone era, where you will discover fortifications and part of the wall, one of the few remaining witnesses of the war battles that ravaged the city. At the top, awaiting your arrival, is the impressive statue of the Sacred Heart and the fortifications and cannons of the castle of La Mota.

40 minutes on foot.


Mount Igueldo

Mount Igueldo is, without a doubt, a scenic place where you will find one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Ascending it is best done by funicular, the oldest in the Basque Country, which has been in operation since 1912.

You will find it a few minutes away from the hotel. The vintage style amusement park on it, is one of the most important attractions of the city, where old school attractions such as the Swiss Mountain stand out.

Photo: Monte Igueldo Amusement Park.

35 min a pie


Miramar Palace

The architecture of the royal residence was inspired by English country houses. Queen María Cristina, King Alfonso XIII and King Emeritus Juan Carlos de Borbón spent their summers there.

Its beautiful gardens and views of the Bay of La Concha make this place another must on your visit to San Sebastian.

10 min on foot.


The Wind Comb

When the Cantabrian Sea is raging and the smell of saltpeter envelops you, this artistic jewel is an unforgettable place. Even more so if you witness the waves breaking against the rocks and producing artificial geysers.

The Wind Comb is one of the most frequented places by locals and visitors in search of relaxation. The three sculptures of Eduardo Chillida have become an icon of the city.

6 min on foot.


The Aquarium

The Aquarium of Donostia-San Sebastian is the oldest aquarium and museum of marine natural sciences in Spain. It is divided into two parts: on the first two floors you can discover everything related to maritime trade and fishing, as well as a natural history collection consisting of corals, shells, fossils, etc. the other part houses the aquarium area, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the Cantabrian Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Amazon River.

Photo: Aquarium San Sebastian.

35 min on foot.

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